A Quickstart Guide : How To Get A Real Estate License In Tennessee

Step 1: Make sure you meet the basic requirements

The basic requirements to get a Tennessee real estate license are simple. Do you meet these requirements?

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • You are a US citizen or have the legal right to work in the US
  • If you have a conviction for theft of any kind, two years must pass from the incarceration, probation, parole or conviction (whichever is the later date) before you are eligible to hold a real estate license.

Step 2: Register for real estate licensing classes


A real estate license is required for most real estate jobs. Tennessee requires 90 hours of pre-licensing education (60 hours of Real Estate Principles and 30 hours of a New Affiliate course) before they will let you get a real estate license. Real estate course work from an accredited college or university may qualify as well.

Those with a law degree can bypass the pre-licensing education requirements.


The best Tennessee real estate school we have found is this one.

Step 3: Apply to take the Tennessee real estate exam


You can apply to take the Tennessee real estate exam after you have completed the licensing education requirements. The Tennessee real estate exam fee is $39. PSI Exams manage the state exam process and you can take the exam in any PSI location in the US.

Step 4: Complete the Tennessee real estate license application


The application will ask you some basic questions about you and your background, including any other real estate licenses you have held or currently hold. The Tennessee license application fee is $91. You must submit a photo of yourself with your application as well.

Tennessee has specific requirements for each licensee and these questions must be answered by each candidate:


  1. Do you now hold or have you ever held a real estate or timeshare license in Tennessee or any other state? If you hold or have held a license in another state(s), you must obtain a license certification from each state in which you are or were licensed. This application will not be processed until the certification(s) is received.
  2. Have you ever been refused a license or had a license revoked, suspended, reprimanded, or fined by any federal, state, or local government? (Do not include motor vehicle license.) If you voluntarily surrendered a license at a time that disciplinary action was pending against you or you were under investigation by a licensing body, governmental agency or professional organization you must provide information regarding the license surrender.
  3. Have you ever been refused or had a real estate or timeshare salesperson license revoked, suspended, reprimanded, or fined?
  4. Have you ever had a complaint filed against you with any regulatory agency or with any court?
  5. Have you been convicted of or pled nolo contendere or guilty to any felony or a misdemeanor involving the theft of services, money or property within the last ten (10) years?​
    • NOTE: Reckless Driving and/or DUI are misdemeanors and must be disclosed.
    • If you answer “yes” to question 5, the Commission requires you to submit a certified copy of your conviction record in addition to an affidavit providing details of each charge.
    • You may petition the Commission prior to taking or completing pre-license education and/or the licensing examination by submitting the  “Application for Decision Regarding Prior Criminal Conviction(s) and/or Disciplinary Sanctions(s)” which can be downloaded. This form along with all requested documentation will then be reviewed by the Commission and you will be notified of their decision.

Step 6: Choose a sponsoring broker


All new licensees in Tennessee must work under the supervision of a broker. Choosing a broker is an important decision and we can help you with that. Keller Williams training has been ranked the best in the business and we are committed to helping our agents succeed. Click here to be connected with the right person in charge of hiring at the Keller Williams nearest you.

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